EY Center Ottawa - April 21-22
Show Hours
April 21 - 10 am-6pm
April 22 - 10 am-4pm
Fun Things To Do At The Show
(Besides Shopping Of Course!)
The Zen Zone
A beautifully lit, quiet meditation area by Simply Meditation, a not-for-profit in Ottawa, which has a simple mission: to make meditation accessible to anyone, anywhere. Come to the show for shopping and fun, and then take some time to relax and repair ... in the Zen Zone!
Bring your reusable water bottles with you to the show! Aquahaulics will be providing safe and clean drinking water for FREE, all weekend. Let's not use any more plastic bottles than we must for Earth Day weekend! Be sure to bring a reusable bag as well to carry all of your wonderful finds! :)
Learn From The Experts
Come and learn from the experts! All weekend long, we have dynamic speakers sharing their expertise, knowledge, and passion. You are guaranteed to learn something new.

TRX Demos!
The Functional Training Academy will be holding TRX demos every 30 minutes at the show! TRX Training and education, training, and academic institutions. It is a great workout and a whole lot of fun. Drop by and try it for free!
Time For You...
Prepare to be pampered! We are thrilled to bring you the best in wellness ... and relaxation! From massage, reflexology and mini makeovers, to acupuncture and readings from our healers, plan to leave the show feeling relaxed and rejuvenated!
Taste Something Delicious!
Make sure you bring your taste buds with you, because they are in for a wild ride !! From spicy sauces and crunchy crackers to the best baked breads and decadent treats, you'll be sure to find deliciousness at the show!
Escape Cage!
Escape manor will be setting up a cage in the show! You must work together as a team and use your brains and instincts to figure out a way to escape. Put your skills to the test with this super fun activity as you take a break from shopping.

The cage is only $ 5 to donated to a worthy cause, so bring your friends! 
Healthy Brain Rehabilitation Area
The Healthy Brain Rehabilitation Area is an open area inside the show where experts in the field have come together to share technology, resources, products and services that will help us improve our brain health and wellness. Topics like vision therapy, physiotherapy, neuro-feedback, brain training and concussion management, among others, will be addressed inside the Area. Come and learn about the most important organ of the human body ... your BRAIN!

Andrea Fandrich         11: 00-11: 45

"First Aid For Exercise Related Injuries"

Andrea Fandrich is a Registered Nurse and an ACE certified personal trainer. While she sees clients of all fitness levels, most of her clients are seeing her for injuries and chronic pain. She has been teaching first aid with Saint John Ambulance for 2 years and will be giving a demonstration on first aid for some of the more common exercise related injuries.

Peter DeHoog            12: 00-12: 45

"Good digestion, Healthy gut, Healthy brain! "

Peter will be sharing his personal story about how he is healed his gut through nutrition. Pete graduated as a holistic nutritionist in 2010, and started Pete's Gluten Free in 2012 as a way to impact people's lives by offering wholesome, nutritious food that has great taste and texture and can be easily digested. 

Pete will explain the correlation between a healthy gut and a healthy brain, and he will share how food intolerance, leaky gut and digestion play a role in our brains function.

Kyla Miller                     1: 00-1: 45

"An Intro to Meditation: Finding What Works For You"

Join Kyla Miller, owner of MalaRae, for an interactive discussion about meditation and how to implement a daily practice that works best for you. You’ll learn about the benefits of meditation, discuss the challenges that many of us face when first starting, and learn about the different styles of meditation available to you.

Graham Beck               2: 00-2: 45

“Fermented Foods - Traditional Food's Role in Facilitating Mind and Body Health"

Graham Beck has deep roots in the sustainability and organic movements. Graham grew his passion for fermentation in the early 1980’s with an informal invitation to bake sour dough bread, in the home kitchen of Poppy Weaver - co founder of The Green Door Restaurant. He began Little Stream Bakery in rural Ottawa Valley Ontario in 1992, to produce artisan organic breads leavened with an old Ottawa Valley sourdough starter. 

He is an advocate for fermented foods, which he defines as “ traditional foods that are more easily digestible and bio-available with deeper and richer flavours ”. He also enjoys making his own kombucha, yogurt, sauerkraut and other lactic ferments.

One lucky attendee will take home 3 loaves of bread and a Little Stream Bakery apron.

Dasha Smolentseva      3: 00-3: 45

"Kombucha! The hype, the science and personal journey"

We are BEYOND excited for The HEALTHY BRAIN AND BODY SHOW and to introduce you to Dasha Smolentseva, founder of Agape Gardens and the most DELICIOUS kombucha EVER!! If you haven't tried Artizen Kombucha, it is a MUST!

Dasha is an entrepreuneur, mentor, speaker, social networker and devoted mother of three free-ranging children. 

In 2017, Dasha organized the first and now annual Intimate Summit of Craft Kombucha Brewers from Quebec, to Laurentian, to Prince Edward County in an effort to unite brewers and create a collaborative supportive craft kombucha culture. This is spearheading the first Kombucha Festival to happen in August, 2018 in Ottawa!

Marie-Helene Fortin     4: 00-4: 45

"Our Intuition - Your Guiding Voice"

How listening to, trusting, and taking action on your inner voice can lead you to a fulfilled life. Acting as your guide, your inner voice brings healing, guidance and direction in a calm, clear and loving manner.

In this dynamic talk, Marie-Helene will take us on a journey inward. Listen, as she shares her personal story and how tuning in to her inner guidance has helped her overcome tremendous obstacles in her life. She will share what they were and how you can overcome your own obstacles by getting closer to who you really are.

MH will be taking time to answer your questions and she will be channeling messages from beyond this realm. Do not miss this chance to learn how to tap into your infinite wisdom and create the life of your dreams!

One lucky attendee will take home a copy of the book Halo: Lighting Up Heaven On Earth

Darpan Ahluwalia       11: 00-11: 30

"Health in a nutshell! By Total Nutrition Diva"

In this fun and informative session, Darpan Ahulawalia, AKA The Total Nutrition Diva is going to share how live blood analysis can inform our health journey. As she says, “blood never lies". You’ll discover how food and water supplements play a role in your health story and how quality trumps quantity. Darpan will also share the benefits of CBD and she would love to take a few minutes to discuss your own supplement regimen to provide advice and suggest adjustments to your routine.

Jill Hewlett                 11: 45-12: 30

"Boost Your Brain Power & Transform Your Life"

Join Brain Fitness Expert Jill Hewlett to discover practical applications of neuroscience and acquire quick and immediate ‘Brain Strategies’ that can be used to reduce stress, support mental health and optimize performance in the classroom, workplace and daily life.

-Reduce stress and anxiety
-Improve communication, organization and focus
-Learn quick tools for self care and self management
-Support better sleep at night and more energy during the day
-Make better choices and problem solve more effectively
-Nurture healthier development of growing and aging brains
-Improve behaviour, attitude and cooperation

Dr. Bill Clarke            12: 45-1: 30
& Dr. Kirsten North

"The Role of Vision in Diagnosis, and Rehabilitation of Those Whom Sustain Traumatic Brain Injury "

In this powerful talk, dynamic duo Dr. Kirsten North and Dr. William (Bill) Clarke share the difference between vision and sight, and the neural pathways of the visual process that can be affected from trauma, leading to Post Traumatic Vision Syndrome (PTVS).

Learn the symptoms and diagnosis of PTVS caused by TBI and how this affects a person's visual ability(s) each day at work, in school, to play sport(s), and to enjoy life. The doctors will share how they develop a vision rehabilitation program, working with other health care providers, working to their strengths for the best interest and care of the patient.

If you, or someone you love, is suffering from a concussion, you will not want to miss this talk.

Jennifer Dahl-Kowalski 1: 45-2: 15

"Obsession with Perfection Dilemma"

Since the onset of the Internet, society has reorganized itself in how it communicates, does business, shares information and presents itself online. And as a result, this unique gift to be interconnected and to be a part of a global network has presented itself with new opportunities and challenges we must face as a global community moving forward. One growing concern that is seeping through our collective psyche is this deep desire to be loved, heard and understood by others. Through the medium of Internet, this unmet need has now been magnified through our fixation to be perfect in how we look, act, behave, and want others to perceive us online. And in order to maintain this facade, we are trading in our innate need to learn and grow through our flaws, failures, and mistakes that make us human for quick, instant fixes that lead to more problems down the line. In this absurd effort to be perfect, we are attempting to move past our weaknesses without going through the blood, sweat, and tears required to come to deeper understandings about who we are, why we are here and what we are capable of accomplishing. 

Please join me for an enlightening conversation on why we are perfection obsessed, how to manage this desire while also keeping up with the jones, and how focusing on your true self will ultimately lead you to the love, joy and happiness that you seek. 

One luck attendee will win one Introductory Polarity Energy Therapy Package, which includes one consultation (60 mins.) + one polarity energy therapy (60 mins. - 75 mins.) + follow-up phone call (30 mins.) Valued at $175

Lisa Khera                    2: 30-3: 30

"Lessons From The Core"

In October of 2016, Lisa Khera's life forever changed. While cleaning up leaves, Lisa stepped on a heavy rake that hit her on the side of the head. With two young children at home and a Pilates studio to run,, she simply noted the huge goose egg, but never anticipated having received a serious concussion that would take her on a journey...inward.

In "Lessons From The Core," Lisa shares her personal story with a traumatic brain injury and how she has learned to create a "new normal" through her deep knowing that "it didn't happen to me, it happened for me". Lisa has learned powerful strategies that have helped her combat overwhelm and avoid going down a dark road towards depression and she is sharing her wisdom with us. If you, or someone you love, has suffered a TBI, you will not want to miss her talk! You will leave feeling empowered, inspired, and armed with actionable tools that will help you on your healing journey. 

Lisa has a co-authored a book called "Women Who Inspire", where she shares her story of resisting things in business until a concussion forced many changes and life lessons.

One lucky audience member will go home with a signed copy of the book!

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