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Sheena Brady - Tease Tea
"I wanted to be sure to send a note of thanks to you and your team while everything was fresh in my mind.

In the spirit of transparency, Tease Tea has done dozens of shows to date. Some fantastic, some just absolutely terrible. As with all things, you win some, you lose some and it's all a part of learning what works/makes sense for your business and what doesn't.

When you approached us for the Healthy Brain and Body Show, we didn't have the budget as we'd already invested in our allotted shows for the upcoming season. That said, I've been a big fan and advocate of yours sense the day we met and I found a way to make the show happen for us, simply because I wanted to support you and your vision.

I had no expectations, and a very open mind as result. Being the first year of the HB&B show, I honestly expected it to be more of a local exposure opportunity, and a smaller/intimate event for us overall. 

In short: You and your team totally over exceed our expectations in every way. So much so, here I am taking the time to write my first email of thanks to a show organizer. 

Top of mind, this is why we are so happy with the show:

Quality of vendors: It is clear a lot of thought went into curating high quality, local businesses. 
Quality of guests: We had an overwhelming amount of guests who were sincerely interested in knowing about our product, brand etc. It was refreshing in comparison to some shows we've done where most guests are mostly interested in free samples and moving on to the next vendor. 
It did not go unnoticed, all the work that was done in the marketing of this event, the show bucks were also a very clever touch to create extra guest engagement. 
Funny moment: A young girl came up to me yesterday and said "Did you want to use the bathroom or anything?" I was baffeled, I didn't know why she was asking me this. Then she replied "Oh, I'm a show volunteer, I'm here to help relieve vendors who are working alone if they need a break" I was honestly blown away. In my years of doing trade shows, never once have I been approached by a representative in such a thoughtful, and helpful way. 
The show ended at 6 - I mixed up the time and thought it ended at five. I was frantic for a moment as I didn't know if I should abandon our booth or be very late for the commitment in Stittsville. One of your kind volunteers, Sydney, offered to watch over booth for the last 45 min without hesitation.
Sales: As mentioned earlier, we looked at this as more of a local exposure opportunity vs sales opportunity. I could not have been more wrong. We had one of our best weekend of sales, ever. We sold more at your show than any show that we've done in the past two years. 

Coaching: You and Roger worked so hard to give local businesses opportunities to present themselves in the best way possible leading up to the show. I did not take advantage of this as much as I should have, though it was incredibly impressive the time you both took to coach vendors on everything from producing quality video content to highlight their business on your social media pages to general FYI's that aren't so general if you've never done a show before (Preparation considerations, presentation suggestions, etc) You and Roger essentially acted as small business coaches to the vendors, which is really just above and beyond. 
Leading up to event: I always felt very in the loop - all of your emails were very detailed and very helpful. Often times, vendors can be left in the dark when it comes to the details leading up to shows like this. 

It's very rare for a show organizer to put just as much thought and care towards vendors as they do to guests. Thank you so much for a great experience this past weekend and for and for inviting us to be a part of this show. I would absolutely be honoured to be a part of such a high quality and enjoyable show in the future. 

I can only imagine how hard you've worked to execute such a quality event. I hope you are going to take some well deserved time to relax, and soak in all of your success. "
ArtiZen Kombucha


Sarah and Roger!

Thank you for all your hard work and the show. We have been stupidly busy, and I couldn't properly thank you. I have been spreading the good news to other business owners, and I am sure next year you wont even have to cold call - all will be cold calling you :)

For us, great attendance of course is super fun! But great attendance is only a fraction of what makes a great show successful. What wowed me at Healthy Body and Brain show was:

1. live demonstrations (fitness, hair, massage, henna, pet zoo (!!!)
2. charities - Blood clinic, Guardians of children (!!!)
3. Zen zone (!!!), Escape manor, Aquaholics!!!

But honestly, the final drop of wow, was when we were running out of the show, and I briefly mentioned we had the show bucks (honestly, in my past experience these show bucks - organizers tend to forget about those, or avoid paying). I couldn't even pull out my cash box to show you - You just said, it's all good, here is $20. Bam. - so say, the show was a disaster, five people came, we sold nothing except that one show bucks paper - and your instant reaction of - here you go, here is your $20 cash, that would have again made all the difference to decide to come back the following year. :)

So I appreciate the trust and the generosity!, I absolutely loved the variety of vendors that you had - that honestly was the best thing for me - customers/people who came were great. As others said, we did not have any expectation to sell much, but we sold everything we brought and could have easily sold thousands more!. 

At the end, I would like to thank you again! Tremendous amazing work! Honour to meet you and Roger. 

Big hugs!
Dasha and agape team
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